Haddis Tujuba: Personal reflection while learning service

Posted on 13/04/2011


Hi Y’all,

My name is Haddis, and I am currently a senior majoring in Psychology at U of R. As part of
my 2011 Spring Break – I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana
through the gracious support and funding of the UR: Office of International Education.


Going on the SEEDS Trip this year, I learned more about myself in a week than any classes
that I have taken at school. I knew that there was always a part of me that like to help people,
especially those that are in need but I never really knew why . It was sitting among like minded
people that I realized that the reason I feel the urge to help other is, because I too want to
contributor to positive social change in my life time.

I’m really glad , I had a chance to go on the SEEDS Trip as I feel it not only inspired me but also taught me  a lesson the history New Orleans- after Hurricane Katrina, but also a lesson on who I want to be and become someday.

Thank  You.

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