About The SEEDS Project

Atristic Credit: Katherine Schmidt

Mission Statement

The SEEDS Project is a student-run organization at the University of Richmond that exists to work alongside marginalized communities and examine the complexities of American society in order to encourage a deeper understanding of the role of service both locally and nationally.

What do we do?

The SEEDS Project leadership team is fully responsible for planning the recruitment and orientation of participants for the annual service-learning trip. The theme of this year is “Origins.” Through this lens, we will examine the history of the places we visit and the legacies that remain today in Native American, white and African American communities that live together and apart from each other in this multicultural region.

The team has been learning about the Gulf Region from on-campus faculty and fellow students. During spring break, we traveled to the Gulf Region for a week of hard work, meaningful reflection and new friendships. Through these experiences we annually compile final projects that encapsulate the learning experience in order to share the story of the Gulf Region with others.

How does our program benefit the university?

In many ways, we exist to build a community of like-minded students on this campus as well as a longstanding relationship to residents of the Gulf Region. We are ambassadors for the University of Richmond and we will continue to build on this relationship to a region of rich cultural heritage and great social need.

How does our program benefit Richmond?

This year we are in the final stages of drafting a plan with our staff adviser to edit and print a final document that will be a compilation of insight and analysis from each member of the group.This Journal will tentatively be titled, “On Service, Learning and Leadership” and will be developed into an undergraduate research journal of applied scholarship and service learning. This will be circulated on campus and in the Richmond community in order to share our reflections from the trip and the current state of the Gulf Region.

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