Richmond Office of International Education

Thank you!    

We would like to thank the University of Richmond Office of International Education (OIE) for a long history of supporting The SEEDS Project. We have developed a strong emphasis on including students from other nations, cultures and nationalities and the OIE has made that possible. As a testament to the success of this partnership, some recent alumni of our trips to New Orleans have been from China, Italy, Vietnam, Pakistan and Bulgaria.

The Mission of OIE

The Overarching Objective for the OIE at the University of Richmond is “To promote international education as a core value of the University and to integrate internationalization fully into current and future strategic institutional objectives and initiatives, and thus to move the University to the next level of internationalization – the American Council on Education’s ‘highly active institution’ category.” With this goal in mind, the OIE promotes a variety programs including The SEEDS Project which further the dialogue between students and facilitate deep relationships and understanding.

For more information please visit the first floor of the Carole Weinstein International Center or follow this link back to the OIE Web site:

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